Sunday, December 25, 2011


this time shall try something new ways of blogging for today to show the recent of me
short yet easy
~~photoblog ~~~=)

presenting on behalf of my group~~

one team tat is truly amazing ~~

happy faces when the presentation is done ~~


Saturday, December 17, 2011

tick tock ~

everything has almost reach the end ,
the journey of 4 years ~~
sometimes looking at the clock ll make me dont wanna leave here ~~~
wat awaiting in front is still a question mark ~~

can oly say wish to enjoy the present for now, dont wanna plan for the next step yet even i dont pretty much like the feeling of insecure ~
being repeating 伍家辉 - 你爱我吗 and 伍家辉~虽然我愿意 in my winamp list for the past week ~~~
i m kinda loving this 2 song ~~

Thursday, November 24, 2011

willingly to help others in a group assignment and willingly to help it with the heart is one big difference ~

Friday, November 4, 2011

i just realized i miss u the most when replying a fren via sms
i know i hope the ppl i am replying sms is u ~
miss u ~~undeniable

Sunday, October 23, 2011

how long can i go on ?
its really a question~~~

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3.04 am 5 th oct 11

accidentally found this song in the song list
been keep on repeating since then ~
my companion in this quite night as i struggling really hard for academic purpose~~~

this part lyric is the fantasy part ~~~



time turn back ~~~

Saturday, September 24, 2011

my is it always is my fault?
y everything have to go wrong oly tat time ~
where is my darn iq n eq missing when i needed them the most~
i m sincerely hoping ~~

Monday, September 19, 2011

by defination ,
smile from someone u like~

did i still saw it just now ?
or just illusion or over thinking ?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

from me , to u , abouts us

From me , To u , About us
from the eyes of the photographer to the view of the audience ~
nevertheless the storyline is all about us , each and everyone around at that particular time , particular moment ~

the philosophy which i set out in each of "alex Photography "
perhaps i may just a beginner in this journey of capturing but i really hope to share it ~
i believe in that particular second, that very moment when that particular is something special , that particular moment should captured down ~
perhaps due to the fact that everything is fragile and nothings last ~
this is where the role of the pic comes in ~~
it makes us remember , it makes us treasure , it makes us feel something inside~

p/s : i wan a dslr baby so badly ~unfortunately i cant afford it right now ~~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

nevertheless , i still never stop yet~
never stop yet in looking through fb for your news feed ~
never stop yet in trying to figure how are u for the day ~

all of this should be in vain as i m doing something things while giving 'fake hope' for myself ~
hope i wish time can rolled back behind ~~~
coz i wannas say < i dont wan let go >
i dont wan it to be just something again, i wan it to be everything for long ~

Friday, September 2, 2011

the distance is getting further n further away ~
u r just too distance away ~~
how can i ever get near again ~~
to c your smiling face even once more ~~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i love this guy singing this song ~~its pure ~~
曹軒賓 - 可惜不是你

Thursday, July 7, 2011

sometimes , when we are expecting more than wat we can get ~
is this greedy ?
how do we define greedy ?
is this greedy

Friday, June 17, 2011

sometimes beings parents are not an easy thing ~~kinda susah also ~~
i feel pity for mine ~all the hardwork, sweats n everything else ~
kinda make me feel guilty when i c them not be able to enjoy even a bit of their own life ~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

roughly 3 more weeks to the training for the interview i succeeded last 2 months but however this 3 weeks will be hard to pass ~~~

sometimes being stuck at home 24 hours a day make me really wanna find some easy going part time ~however due to some external factors ~finding ones is not easy ~

time is an cruel dimension which ll cause ppl to change~~

i guess its different from the older days whereby i feel need n wants are growing accordingly to the age ~~
sometimes i feel i am getting more n more materialistic and complicated
u cant say its not completely 100 percent healthy but i feel somehow if be channel properly it can serve as motivation

list of thing i would hard wish they ll come by ~
below are just illustrated form of things , XD
some are not the exact models yet, as haven decide wat model , brand n type to be desire ~~having them would really kickoff the mood to fight ~

Saturday, April 30, 2011

the study week again ~


when was the last time i was so free updating my little bloggie ?
i almost forgetten ~~
however all of this busy drought came to an end ~~ending for this sem yet to be coming ~~
as final will be commencing one week later ~~~

embark on a small time dancing for a 2 function here ~~nevertheless the process of learning was pretty hectic as again time is limited ~~~
suppose to be easier for me but however i was the one tat slow everything down ~~~
coz in order for every small details , they in conclusion agree tat i have a kind of own style ~ a style which is more suit to be in tae yang video than big bang video ~~
coz dont have 'sharp edges but instead is more smooth n continuos "

anyway finally it ended ~not as good as i wan but i guess everything should not too emphasis on the result , the process for this time is always the most precious ones ~~arigato ~~

a lot of frens are also leaving for this sem ad ~therefore i have specially organized an album for me n them titling 'each of u and me '
each of the fren with me ~

the album ll be update slower than usual ~~~
as many pictures need to be edited first ~it shall be my kind of special memories

especially ~


Friday, April 8, 2011

in the past one month ,i think i experience a lot~~
nevertheless was tons of assignment n the 'promise of taking lead of the assignment from previous sem' ~~
therefore this sem , i am really tired and being push to the max ~
the price of all this really makes me exhausted ~~

but in the same time , i was not at my best shape ~~
often as i do get some playing from other ppl ~~but sometimes , its really over for me ~maybe to u all its nothing , but i also have feeling ~~
i m feeling each n everyone of them is poking me continuously~~~
can i even put an end onto this ~~
sometimes i really wish to have someone to talk to u ~~yes no doubt , it seems tat i have 'a lot friend' ~~~
but how many of them really are there ~~i really dotn know wat are friends ~~~

sorry if this hurt u all ~~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

hope i have enough stamina to get over this ~

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

currently >
half sick lying down on the bed after consuming panadol

but what was the funny thing is when i was lying there on my bed~~
was thinking of someone which i presume i should not think off ~~
apasal my head think pi itu direction ?
stupid me ~~~

how good if i have tat 'someone' that attend to me right now ~~~

i am blaming the two panadol for giving my mind this delusion ~~

Monday, February 21, 2011

crucial 24 hours for u~~
kinda complicated feeling ~~
this few day ~~to be at your side ~~~
yet ~~~

anyway~~hope this day ll pass slower ~~
dont know how or wat tomorrow is like~~
i ll support u ~~



Saturday, February 12, 2011

its all happening again but differ in some way~


before embarking on the journey of hundred km to the north ~
had stop by for breakfast while waiting for friends~

while eating ,it kinda brings back childhood memory
last time when was still in primary,
by 6.30am have already left the house with whole family in tat proton wira ~~
due to busy schedule , dear mummy n father ll drop my off the small restaurant
while ordering fried mee together wit hot drinks for me and pay for them as well ~~
leaving me to eat while they continue on to work ~~
then i eat alone then walk across the street to head to school ~~~

when i pass tat restaurant , it feels like the same there
at least 14 years had pass since then ~~
to have a simple breakfast wit them something is like harder than dating my friends ~~
even the cars has no longer around ~~
all that i remember has already change ~~

to think back ,
not to say now is tat bad ~but definitely last time everything was less complex~~~

till then~~
shall be taking off myself better ~~
sign of failing sick soon~~
going to busy wit lots of assignment~~

Sunday, January 30, 2011


as each song carries different meaning
so does this song ~

for the first time it was so coincidence where i listen to it ~~
but sooner later i was falling in love wit it ~
end up to almost addicted ~

is this just all fate or ?


nei yat yat siu dak je moh chaan laan ngoh jam se dak nei haam jo siu chau ngoh do yuen yi liu bok hung yat siu

chung loi moot yau je moh seung yat gin si yuen loi yau je moh yat gin si choi jik dak ngoh moon lau luen gam tin wai nei sei do hoh yi

* chung chin yau na saam goh ji tin tin gong nei ji sui yin moot san yi daan yau yi si ngoh chue maai chue maai je moh doh si gui ngoh ji seung nei hoh yi gan ngoh yat hei siu chung chin na saam goh ji yan yan do jung yi ho bat hoh si yi daan si yau yau gei goh yan jan jing ming baak na yi si ngoh ji ji do ngoh ji seung nei faai lok

chan jue yan doh doh gong gong sam lui wa gam sin ji jik wooi piu ga chung chi dak nei ji ngoh yam hoh si do bat wooi pa chung loi moot yau je moh seung yat gin si yuen loi yau je moh yat gin si choi jik dak ngoh moon lau luen gam tin jan dik wai nei sei do hoh yi

Repeat *

jau suen gam tin bat joi chong gwoh jok yat ngoh jam moh gong do mo wai jau suen gam tin bat joi chong gwoh jok yat ngoh yuen yi dang ha hui joi dang ha hui joi dang ha hui

chung chin yau na saam goh ji tin tin gong nei ji sui yin moot san yi daan yau yi si ngoh chue maai chue maai je moh doh si gui ngoh ji seung nei hoh yi gan ngoh yat hei siu chung chin na saam goh ji yan yan do jung yi ho bat hoh si yi daan si yau yau gei goh yan jan jing ming baak na yi si ngoh ji ji do ngoh ji seung nei faai lok ngoh ji seung nei faai lok

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

done my first item " thing to do on 2011"

settle ~~~
a birthday gift ~~
done done done !!
but exactly was completely satisfied wit the whole wrapping process
i m getting so freaking not so familiar with wrapping anymore ~~

off lur!
have a nice day then~~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

capture this pic recently while having a game of badminton wit few friends ~~
tis pic can really describe wat i am thinking at the moment~~~

unable to fit myself to the current ~~~
feel i should be doing or achieving other thing rather than the situation on the ground ~~
yet , i dont pretty know wat is actually the 'other thing' tat i should be achieving

Sunday, January 2, 2011

at era of new year , ppl would normally set out a couple to dozens of this so called 'resolution' to be complete within this year

well for me , i did too ~~
at least, mine was not a well planned one ~~
randomly generate while having insomnia ~~

generally for me ,i would take these as the things i wanna finish off in addition to this year also will the last two sem in my uni life

proceeding to the list

1)at the moment, is a birthday celebration on 18 jan for a friend ~~

< with roughly around 2 weeks plus ~
this gift better be good ~~
it have to surpassed my own standard first ~~
just hope i can really able to finish the preparation all by myself ~~
everything have to go accordingly to the planning too pls~~
ll take a picture of it sooner


present represents appreciation, to show tat u r not forgotten ~~~~

till then alios ~~^^