Monday, February 23, 2009

the price of a promises???

have u made promise to other ppl and yet u still forget wat u promise them after tat particular perios >>>
where is the worthy side of a promises ??
do we really care tat whether they really do wat they promise or do we mind whether do they keep in a mind tat once time ago someone have promise u something

arent a promise was suppose to kept in heart n bear in mind ??? is it just a symbolic or just something u say for fun ???
to me ....its some way that u devote something to some one ....even in the simplest form promises ....we should always bear in mind ...right ???

feeling tat i m a bit emo ???well ,,, lots of ppl this lately saying tat i m bit emo this lately weird is it if i just dont feel like talking >>>
stuck in a moment of blurriness ++

i ll remember wat i say today ....i promise u ok ???believe me ???

Friday, February 13, 2009

so long no online ad ....was disconnected for a while ...was quite busy this lately wit the uum Spring Fest 2009....well , its a major project involving 200++ ppl ll uploaded later on ...dont worry ...

to all ...take care ....
happy valentine o ..