Monday, February 21, 2011

crucial 24 hours for u~~
kinda complicated feeling ~~
this few day ~~to be at your side ~~~
yet ~~~

anyway~~hope this day ll pass slower ~~
dont know how or wat tomorrow is like~~
i ll support u ~~



Saturday, February 12, 2011

its all happening again but differ in some way~


before embarking on the journey of hundred km to the north ~
had stop by for breakfast while waiting for friends~

while eating ,it kinda brings back childhood memory
last time when was still in primary,
by 6.30am have already left the house with whole family in tat proton wira ~~
due to busy schedule , dear mummy n father ll drop my off the small restaurant
while ordering fried mee together wit hot drinks for me and pay for them as well ~~
leaving me to eat while they continue on to work ~~
then i eat alone then walk across the street to head to school ~~~

when i pass tat restaurant , it feels like the same there
at least 14 years had pass since then ~~
to have a simple breakfast wit them something is like harder than dating my friends ~~
even the cars has no longer around ~~
all that i remember has already change ~~

to think back ,
not to say now is tat bad ~but definitely last time everything was less complex~~~

till then~~
shall be taking off myself better ~~
sign of failing sick soon~~
going to busy wit lots of assignment~~