Friday, June 17, 2011

sometimes beings parents are not an easy thing ~~kinda susah also ~~
i feel pity for mine ~all the hardwork, sweats n everything else ~
kinda make me feel guilty when i c them not be able to enjoy even a bit of their own life ~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

roughly 3 more weeks to the training for the interview i succeeded last 2 months but however this 3 weeks will be hard to pass ~~~

sometimes being stuck at home 24 hours a day make me really wanna find some easy going part time ~however due to some external factors ~finding ones is not easy ~

time is an cruel dimension which ll cause ppl to change~~

i guess its different from the older days whereby i feel need n wants are growing accordingly to the age ~~
sometimes i feel i am getting more n more materialistic and complicated
u cant say its not completely 100 percent healthy but i feel somehow if be channel properly it can serve as motivation

list of thing i would hard wish they ll come by ~
below are just illustrated form of things , XD
some are not the exact models yet, as haven decide wat model , brand n type to be desire ~~having them would really kickoff the mood to fight ~