Monday, December 20, 2010

when things get out on way , we ll mostly blame ourselves
but the right way , is ~
we should not ~~

no doubt ,
this is the way for us to release ,
but actually this is not healthy n right way to do ~

this is wat i recover accidentally while browsing through magazine ~~
< dont know right or wrong >

kinda been thinking a lot this lately ,
the reason ?
i also dont know ~~~
but to say ,
maybe all of these are thinking tat are unnecessary
but with the free time all day n some circumstance ,
those thinking just pop out ~~~

anyway , i feel it ll all past soon ~~

btw christmas and new year is around the corner , therefore wishing all of u
merry christmas n happy new year in advance ~~

chaos ~~nights ~~
2.27am , 21 dis

Sunday, December 5, 2010

a meal on 5 dec < relaxing one >

a meal of steamboat , around 20 working together
but majority i m the chef ^^
i m in-charge of cooking the soup ~~

feel kinda happy when everyone say the soup was just nice XD

the bowl in contrasting with the cooker ~~

flavoring and the main thing in our soup base

the big portion

something to fill our stomach even more

bowl are gather ~~~


tomyam pot on the way ^^
extra sour anyone?

just plain n soft chicken soup base

Saturday, November 20, 2010

21 nov

2.22 am in the morning ~
kinda awake yet ~~
22/11/2010 urban n rural transport ~~9 am ~~

agak agak do lo ~~
do wat my heart n mood takes me to ~~
kinda not very into it ~~
it been causing super spinning with all the calculations
damm i hate calculations ~~

i have wrote this on my wall to motivate me ~~

2.67? apa tu ??result for last sem lo T____T
3.00? planning for this sem ~~dont know how i m going to fork it out ~~
but i ll find a way ~~


till then take care o ~~
ll be back to party on 12 of dis ~~
a month holiday awaits me ~~^^

add oil togehter la dear friends
in all
every aspect of life

Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 nov ~

today is better than yesterday ~~
and tomorrow ll be far more better than today ~~~

been home for 2 days after the sudden back from uni due to the flooding in the northern region ~~
well , for the first time i m not forgotten by friends who was rushing to back ~~
thanks to them for fetching me back as well ,

have 2 weeks before back again i think ,
but this 2 week also have to use properly in order to study for the final @@
things been quite complicated ~~
i m a bit afraid for the final actually ~~

anyway in a unrelated case ~~~
a just for fun checkup at the pharmacy reveal i m suffering high blood pressure ~~
yup ~~~
normal ppl would be around 125 ?
but i already at 142 ~~~
high blood pressure ~~~
as the they say a lot of thing may be the cause of it ~~
MOst probably the rest was not enough n stress for studies ???

but yet ~~~i have to rest well and consider going to the hospital for full body check up ~
my parents were quite worry ~~
lol~~bless me pls everyone ~~
till then ~~
take care ~~~
add oil~~everyone ~~~^^

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a break pls ~~~~~

today marks a big spot on my calendar~~
y ??
my assignment is stuck half way due to dont know how to express the idea even i have the idea
the problem on dont know how to elaborate it in simple english really pissed myself off ~~
for the others , its the hard thing to brainstorm out the idea ~~
kinda odd right ??

this really never occur to me~~~
due date are just around the corner ~~~
assignment are the oly thing tat can save my grade from a pool of 'f'~~
yet i m not able to do them well ~~~
wat is gonna happen to my grades @@
no eye c ~~~~

currently taking break munching on this 2 ~~

when i ll be able to settle all of this ??

till then end of it ~~~
aza aza fighting ~~~~

Monday, October 11, 2010

dear friends ~~~
apasal no one update blog ??

Sunday, September 26, 2010

there is nothing as best lines nor any fancy words ~~
wat important is ~~
the right words at the right time and a caring sincere heart ~~

this are the words that coming up my head ~~
anyone in favour of it ?

Friday, September 17, 2010

i seriously been thinking this lately ~~~~

i feel i m need of some changes ~~
as i feel i am scoring below my own marking chart ~~

quote from bk ~~i defeat 3 ppl today ??me , myself and I ??
mine ~~~ try this 3 downsizing mark factors which i own~~
not mature ,
no have sense of direcion and
no secure feeling ~~

dont know wat kind of changes , but i know there is a need for a
' new , better of me "
would need all of u ~~supports and opinions XD

maybe i ll go out of this maze box soon ~~

Friday, September 3, 2010

the price of a decision

every decision comes with a price ~~~
price tat we need to pay for obtaining something ~~~~

i kinda blew of a good offer ~~~
parents willingly to bought me a new hp ~~~

actually i wanted to say , i would really love or its nice to have a new hp ~~
i can have a million reason y i need it `~~
yet another corner i also can have a million reason why i should not have it ~~~~

i been unable to make a firm decision cause i know a lot of thing which is happening within the house ~~~
having a soft heart of dont wan to add misery into their burden , i would just say 'look around first '
maybe to them , i am worrying too much ~~~
but i made a decision

hope i am not regret ~~~~

Sunday, August 29, 2010

i m late~~using the things ppl buy for me ~~

due to the current condition the wallet i m using now

therefore i had taken wat i keep in the 'safebox'
a birthday present from 21st of my birthday ~~~

i been keeping it out of sight ~~
out of reachable ~~
i have keep it safely it ~~~

as time move on , it have quietly following me ~~
i thinks its time now ~~~
i ll treausre u well~~~

in the 'safebox' there is another priceless possesion ~~
this one i get on the 26/08/2010
isnt not a birthday present or yet something tat hold a deep meaning in it
but as each story has it own line ~~
this one would be as valuable as the others ~~~

i would wonder how long would it take to finally appear~~~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random updates~~~

this this this ~~~~
my past time for now ~~~~

mid sem around the corner ~~~
all calculation ~~~
my eyes are like @.@
free me soon ~~~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

a late dinner ~~

i feel my appetite is very huge this lately
dont believe ~~
let c this example XD

0802 pm

after having a short game of futsal with my hostel mate ~~~
my kind neighbour ask me whether do i wan take away ~~~
in the process of waiting
where i can no longer wait ~~
therefore i took 2 of this ~~~


plus a mug of hot milo

man tau 1 hour 12 minutes later my dinner arrive , i eaten this as well ~~~


9.31 pm i am full to death XD
i m finding excuse for me to eat ~~~
is this not healthy >>>
tell me about it ~~~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

words i learn ~~~
i feel it sounds nice ~~~



Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dark chocolates~~
a taste of sweetness which at a moderate level once its enter the mouth ~~~
darker than black ,

its the taste of sweet behind the high percentage black cocoa that flush tat smiling face facing out from the heart ~~~

Sunday, June 27, 2010

er ??

a) big eyes ???
b) s curve body shape ?
c) sweet smile ??/
d) or just that cute impression that she make wit her face when she is blur ???
e) nice hairdo
f) confidence

i think from a to f is the things tat guys would most likely to fell in love it
knowing some of my close friends criteria

eg . wearing glasses , short hair , looks polite XD < Pinjam from someone >

it actually brings down to me i dont know which kind of girl i adore although many has try to analysis that from my past experience ,
among the top 2 criteria tat are most likely to find in my choices of girl are
dimple and chubby

yes , your eye are not perfectly fine


sounds weird all of the criteria tat makes up a goddess where does this two thing fell off from

actually i couldnt 100 percent deny as those were really the nice thing tat my ex had

but at the time being ,i really dont know wat kinds of girl ll i adore as i M REALLY SINGLE DESPITE THAT THE FlIRTY MOUTH I have

haven been in relationship in around 5 years ~~~
making the beast lost interest n hunger ~~~

anyway i think its perfectly normal althought a lot ppl are starting to ask me find one asap XD
cincai ba ??

or just perhaps my heart was stolen by a " monkey 'that is not far away ~~
haven got over her yet ~~
she wasnt the best or perhaps receive a thumb up from each n everyone
but the fact
i like her for the way she are ~~
she is pretty , cute , adorable n i wouldnt trade for jessica alba or taeyong for her ~~~
she maybe a little chubby with something to pinch at the face, a little not always the best shape nor academically good grades

BUT i m perfectly fine with her~~~
just fine ~~~

have nice day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sorry to grumble ~~

actually had a lot of ideas n thoughts
well , how am i to describe ??
i m getting quiet ??
getting lost with words ??
or just something not right ??

i recently found out that i m somehow getting to lazy to explain something when i m being 'sandbag, suan , shoot , bomb or whatever u name it ~~~
more n more incident had occured in this period where i finally feel its too tired getting tied down by all this thing

say whatever u wan , shoot whatever u like ~~~

but let me remind u ,
down beneath everything

being in silent doesnt mean i m good to bully ok ???
i am just holding off so tat things wont turn out too badly to influence other
i m a human with eq n emotion
does it feel so good in u just to make fun of me till like tat ?
ok , a little maybe wont hurt but do u know sometimes its just a bit little too over ~~~

try if u were in my shoes , c wat u ll do `~~~
sometimes stop taking fun over the misery u had added into mine ~~~
we can have fun ,we can chat we can bird together but everyone got a limit right ??

thank u ok ???
this 'thing ' memuncak me tonight making me cant tolerant anymore ....
sorry to vomit it out ~~
if u feel u r the one i m talking , u might wanna try another way
if not , its just a creepy old emotional post ~~~

Monday, June 14, 2010

rise from fallen

well ,
last night released the result sem 4
kinda shock ~~~~

maybe its a sign ?
something shall be done over it as ///
from 3.26 gpa drop til 2.67
really unexpected of tat~~~
normally every sem also manage to maintain but this sem really tumbling down ~~~~

i shall rise from the fallen ~~~
refreshing myself soon

aza aza fighting ~~~
spend this holiday wisely for me , myself and i

Friday, May 28, 2010

sorry ~~~~~~~~
friends ~~~`

Saturday, May 8, 2010

plus working ...feel free to call
me for tea, gathering , eating ///

Thursday, March 25, 2010

the cob carnical dinner at putera palace hotel ..
kinda fun n crazy ...
manage to get a lucky draw as well ...first time in life...
rather less life now is kinda messy
but i think i going to come to something later on as ppl say ...
before something good approaches , something messy ll appear first ...

why are the words so lot hor >??
pictures better right ???

me n tall girl kai yun ..

a table of winners < lucky night >

me n last sem ANNA....quite nice ppl lai de ....consider lenglui in some way ...

lenglui trista ...slim slim ....

Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally …
It’s a relieved …
Something big of the shoulder …an activity that seems to taken all of me …
A event that took a whole 3 month to prepare was even attractive the special guest was DANELL LEE
A star born locally to amazed the stage with 3 of his latest song …

Initial objective was consider achieved but the overall I think the result can be better still if only ..
To be frank I was expecting some or particular friend to say ‘ well done , goob job “
A simple ones ll do ll makes me feel more touch and worthy for everything I contributed ...
Guess from here also I know
A) wat I am capable of …
B) the level of stress I can handle ….
C) my incapability
D) I should be rethink everything ….who, why , what , when

Well I guess I think it just never happen …at least not yet ….
I should be more down to earth …

Trying myself not to emotional involved in this …
Think less ll makes everyones life better …

Time to retire I think ….from all of this , all of this non-stop and hectic time ..

Many of u ll doubt whether can I do I wat say ??
I myself also doubt actually …but temporarily I really need a place to rest or even a soft shoulder to lean on …it may sounds girly or whatever but have u imagine how is it like ???to have a shoulder to lean on when u haven sleep for days ??
But I guess this world wont be perfect no matter how …there ll always be bad things to show are good things for …


Time to wander to off my bed to rest well ….
Take care guys …

Monday, January 4, 2010

this is the 110 post ...
short n one word to say oly ..
damm busy now ...wait me free back oly come back here blog ...
keep waiting ^^