Sunday, September 26, 2010

there is nothing as best lines nor any fancy words ~~
wat important is ~~
the right words at the right time and a caring sincere heart ~~

this are the words that coming up my head ~~
anyone in favour of it ?

Friday, September 17, 2010

i seriously been thinking this lately ~~~~

i feel i m need of some changes ~~
as i feel i am scoring below my own marking chart ~~

quote from bk ~~i defeat 3 ppl today ??me , myself and I ??
mine ~~~ try this 3 downsizing mark factors which i own~~
not mature ,
no have sense of direcion and
no secure feeling ~~

dont know wat kind of changes , but i know there is a need for a
' new , better of me "
would need all of u ~~supports and opinions XD

maybe i ll go out of this maze box soon ~~

Friday, September 3, 2010

the price of a decision

every decision comes with a price ~~~
price tat we need to pay for obtaining something ~~~~

i kinda blew of a good offer ~~~
parents willingly to bought me a new hp ~~~

actually i wanted to say , i would really love or its nice to have a new hp ~~
i can have a million reason y i need it `~~
yet another corner i also can have a million reason why i should not have it ~~~~

i been unable to make a firm decision cause i know a lot of thing which is happening within the house ~~~
having a soft heart of dont wan to add misery into their burden , i would just say 'look around first '
maybe to them , i am worrying too much ~~~
but i made a decision

hope i am not regret ~~~~