Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dark chocolates~~
a taste of sweetness which at a moderate level once its enter the mouth ~~~
darker than black ,

its the taste of sweet behind the high percentage black cocoa that flush tat smiling face facing out from the heart ~~~

Sunday, June 27, 2010

er ??

a) big eyes ???
b) s curve body shape ?
c) sweet smile ??/
d) or just that cute impression that she make wit her face when she is blur ???
e) nice hairdo
f) confidence

i think from a to f is the things tat guys would most likely to fell in love it
knowing some of my close friends criteria

eg . wearing glasses , short hair , looks polite XD < Pinjam from someone >

it actually brings down to me i dont know which kind of girl i adore although many has try to analysis that from my past experience ,
among the top 2 criteria tat are most likely to find in my choices of girl are
dimple and chubby

yes , your eye are not perfectly fine


sounds weird all of the criteria tat makes up a goddess where does this two thing fell off from

actually i couldnt 100 percent deny as those were really the nice thing tat my ex had

but at the time being ,i really dont know wat kinds of girl ll i adore as i M REALLY SINGLE DESPITE THAT THE FlIRTY MOUTH I have

haven been in relationship in around 5 years ~~~
making the beast lost interest n hunger ~~~

anyway i think its perfectly normal althought a lot ppl are starting to ask me find one asap XD
cincai ba ??

or just perhaps my heart was stolen by a " monkey 'that is not far away ~~
haven got over her yet ~~
she wasnt the best or perhaps receive a thumb up from each n everyone
but the fact
i like her for the way she are ~~
she is pretty , cute , adorable n i wouldnt trade for jessica alba or taeyong for her ~~~
she maybe a little chubby with something to pinch at the face, a little not always the best shape nor academically good grades

BUT i m perfectly fine with her~~~
just fine ~~~

have nice day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sorry to grumble ~~

actually had a lot of ideas n thoughts
well , how am i to describe ??
i m getting quiet ??
getting lost with words ??
or just something not right ??

i recently found out that i m somehow getting to lazy to explain something when i m being 'sandbag, suan , shoot , bomb or whatever u name it ~~~
more n more incident had occured in this period where i finally feel its too tired getting tied down by all this thing

say whatever u wan , shoot whatever u like ~~~

but let me remind u ,
down beneath everything

being in silent doesnt mean i m good to bully ok ???
i am just holding off so tat things wont turn out too badly to influence other
i m a human with eq n emotion
does it feel so good in u just to make fun of me till like tat ?
ok , a little maybe wont hurt but do u know sometimes its just a bit little too over ~~~

try if u were in my shoes , c wat u ll do `~~~
sometimes stop taking fun over the misery u had added into mine ~~~
we can have fun ,we can chat we can bird together but everyone got a limit right ??

thank u ok ???
this 'thing ' memuncak me tonight making me cant tolerant anymore ....
sorry to vomit it out ~~
if u feel u r the one i m talking , u might wanna try another way
if not , its just a creepy old emotional post ~~~

Monday, June 14, 2010

rise from fallen

well ,
last night released the result sem 4
kinda shock ~~~~

maybe its a sign ?
something shall be done over it as ///
from 3.26 gpa drop til 2.67
really unexpected of tat~~~
normally every sem also manage to maintain but this sem really tumbling down ~~~~

i shall rise from the fallen ~~~
refreshing myself soon

aza aza fighting ~~~
spend this holiday wisely for me , myself and i