Thursday, October 21, 2010

a break pls ~~~~~

today marks a big spot on my calendar~~
y ??
my assignment is stuck half way due to dont know how to express the idea even i have the idea
the problem on dont know how to elaborate it in simple english really pissed myself off ~~
for the others , its the hard thing to brainstorm out the idea ~~
kinda odd right ??

this really never occur to me~~~
due date are just around the corner ~~~
assignment are the oly thing tat can save my grade from a pool of 'f'~~
yet i m not able to do them well ~~~
wat is gonna happen to my grades @@
no eye c ~~~~

currently taking break munching on this 2 ~~

when i ll be able to settle all of this ??

till then end of it ~~~
aza aza fighting ~~~~

Monday, October 11, 2010

dear friends ~~~
apasal no one update blog ??