Saturday, November 20, 2010

21 nov

2.22 am in the morning ~
kinda awake yet ~~
22/11/2010 urban n rural transport ~~9 am ~~

agak agak do lo ~~
do wat my heart n mood takes me to ~~
kinda not very into it ~~
it been causing super spinning with all the calculations
damm i hate calculations ~~

i have wrote this on my wall to motivate me ~~

2.67? apa tu ??result for last sem lo T____T
3.00? planning for this sem ~~dont know how i m going to fork it out ~~
but i ll find a way ~~


till then take care o ~~
ll be back to party on 12 of dis ~~
a month holiday awaits me ~~^^

add oil togehter la dear friends
in all
every aspect of life

Sunday, November 7, 2010

8 nov ~

today is better than yesterday ~~
and tomorrow ll be far more better than today ~~~

been home for 2 days after the sudden back from uni due to the flooding in the northern region ~~
well , for the first time i m not forgotten by friends who was rushing to back ~~
thanks to them for fetching me back as well ,

have 2 weeks before back again i think ,
but this 2 week also have to use properly in order to study for the final @@
things been quite complicated ~~
i m a bit afraid for the final actually ~~

anyway in a unrelated case ~~~
a just for fun checkup at the pharmacy reveal i m suffering high blood pressure ~~
yup ~~~
normal ppl would be around 125 ?
but i already at 142 ~~~
high blood pressure ~~~
as the they say a lot of thing may be the cause of it ~~
MOst probably the rest was not enough n stress for studies ???

but yet ~~~i have to rest well and consider going to the hospital for full body check up ~
my parents were quite worry ~~
lol~~bless me pls everyone ~~
till then ~~
take care ~~~
add oil~~everyone ~~~^^