Saturday, April 30, 2011

the study week again ~


when was the last time i was so free updating my little bloggie ?
i almost forgetten ~~
however all of this busy drought came to an end ~~ending for this sem yet to be coming ~~
as final will be commencing one week later ~~~

embark on a small time dancing for a 2 function here ~~nevertheless the process of learning was pretty hectic as again time is limited ~~~
suppose to be easier for me but however i was the one tat slow everything down ~~~
coz in order for every small details , they in conclusion agree tat i have a kind of own style ~ a style which is more suit to be in tae yang video than big bang video ~~
coz dont have 'sharp edges but instead is more smooth n continuos "

anyway finally it ended ~not as good as i wan but i guess everything should not too emphasis on the result , the process for this time is always the most precious ones ~~arigato ~~

a lot of frens are also leaving for this sem ad ~therefore i have specially organized an album for me n them titling 'each of u and me '
each of the fren with me ~

the album ll be update slower than usual ~~~
as many pictures need to be edited first ~it shall be my kind of special memories

especially ~


Friday, April 8, 2011

in the past one month ,i think i experience a lot~~
nevertheless was tons of assignment n the 'promise of taking lead of the assignment from previous sem' ~~
therefore this sem , i am really tired and being push to the max ~
the price of all this really makes me exhausted ~~

but in the same time , i was not at my best shape ~~
often as i do get some playing from other ppl ~~but sometimes , its really over for me ~maybe to u all its nothing , but i also have feeling ~~
i m feeling each n everyone of them is poking me continuously~~~
can i even put an end onto this ~~
sometimes i really wish to have someone to talk to u ~~yes no doubt , it seems tat i have 'a lot friend' ~~~
but how many of them really are there ~~i really dotn know wat are friends ~~~

sorry if this hurt u all ~~